The LIFT series brings AUTEC’s well know reliability and safety to a compact and cost-effective form factor that is the perfect choice for most types of overhead cranes, jibs, hoists, and winches. Operators will appreciate the efficiency and ergonomics of the LIFT, and the new “MY LIFT AUTEC” App will help to reduce installation and maintenance times, and maximize machine availability.
At last, LIFT series equipped with ACRH11 base station is available with UL 508 certification in compliance with US and Canadian safety standards.

Transmitting units

Receiving units

Radio Remote Controls for

  • Construction / Utilities

    Autec produces control systems for a wide range of machines in the fields of construction, utilities and maintenance. Apart from construction...

  • Industrial Lifting & Automation

    Whether its overhead cranes, hoists, magnets, conveyor belts, stackers, jib cranes, gantry cranes or cut & press machines, Autec’s control systems...

  • Logistics & Transport

    Trust Autec for safe and innovative remote control systems for the logistics and transport sectors. Our customized solutions for handling such...

  • Forestry & Agriculture

    Our systems for forestry and agriculture provide solutions for applications such as forestry winches, bush cutters, loader cranes and chippers.

  • Maritime

    Applying AUTEC systems can improve efficiencies on maritime applications. These include boat & ship-building hoists, provision cranes, mobile boat...